Dedalus welcomes Andrea Fiumicelli as new CEO

Friday, June 19, 2020

Three Hills Capital Partners (“THCP”) is pleased to welcome Andrea Fiumicelli as the newly appointed CEO of Dedalus ( He returns to Italy with extensive experience as a top manager of large international companies operating in the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and High Tech sectors for “Health Care” and “Life Science” in USA, UK, Germany, Italy and Australia.

Andrea Fiumicelli will be responsible for leading the next stage of the company’s growth to play a leading role in the innovation and digital transformation of health ecosystems worldwide. Thanks to THCP’s financial support in completing the recent acquisition of part of Agfa Healthcare’s IT Business, Dedalus Group continues to maintain leadership in the healthcare software sector with a total combined turnover of €470 million and a focus on the hospital segment.

THCP is looking forward to supporting Andrea Fiumicelli as the group’s new CEO and still maintains a strong relationship with Founder and Executive Chairman, Giorgio Moretti, who retained a significant stake of 25% in Dedalus Holding after its acquisition of Agfa-Gevaert’s healthcare software business.

Giorgio Moretti, Founder and Executive Chairman, said: “I’m proud to welcome such a high-profile manager as Andrea who has shown excellent managerial expertise acquired during many years of work for several major international companies. He is the right man to lead the new shape and ambition of the Group which has become bigger and more structured but it always keeps a sharp focus on the single specific markets where it operates: primarily Italy, Germany, France, Austria and some other 30 countries across the 5 continents. Our mission and responsibility is to guarantee quality and technological development to our clients. We have become a leader in Europe in the industry of clinical-healthcare information systems and we are among the leading players in the world thanks to the significant investments in R&D that we have made in recent years and that we will further increase in the coming years. The deep and systemic knowledge of clinical-healthcare systems transferred into products with state of the art technology, the excellence of our people and of our new organisation will enable Dedalus to express at best the value we can, want and must transfer to our clients”.

About Dedalus

Founded in 1990 in Florence, Dedalus, with over 2,000 employees, of which 1,200 in Italy, 550 in France and teams in 25 countries, is an international industrial group in the healthcare software industry specialized in the segment of diagnostic and clinical management solutions (HCIS), GPs and Primary care management, Interoperability and Population health management.

Today, Dedalus exploits the full functional coverage of all ICT needs of any healthcare system, not limited to hospital systems, both public and private. In the last three years, Dedalus has totally renewed its offering, by addressing the state of art of paradigm in terms of technology and functionalities to anticipate the evolution of the clinical practice at the base of the change management of different healthcare system that in many countries are rethinking their organizations.

With more than €130 million of revenues in Italy, more than €60 million in France and globally more than €210 million. Dedalus is one of the leading global players in the sector and holds a leading position in Europe.