Dedalus announces the acquisition of DXC Technology’s healthcare division

Monday, July 27, 2020

Three Hills Capital Partners (“THCP”) is pleased to communicate that its portfolio company, Dedalus, has signed a binding agreement to acquire DXC Technology’s healthcare software solutions division.  

The acquisition will further strengthen Dedalus’ position as a leading European and Global IT healthcare software provider with a presence in over 40 countries, including leading positions in Italy, Germany, UK, France and Spain, and enable Dedalus to accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare ecosystem through increased research and development capabilities.

The deal capitalises on the significant complementarity of the two companies that will allow Dedalus to expand its existing business, creating a group with more than 5,500 employees, revenues in excess of EUR 700 million and lead by the highly experienced team of Dedalus CEO, Andrea Fiumicelli and Chairman and Founder, Giorgio Moretti.

DXC Technology’s healthcare software division provides clinical healthcare software solutions for national and regional authorities, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, general practitioners and outpatients. The business holds leading positions across the UK/Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Spain, and also significant positions across Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and North America. It covers all aspects of clinical decision-making processes, improving the ability for collaboration of all healthcare stakeholders in the care of patients.

THCP continues to support Giorgio Moretti in leading the extraordinary growth strategy for the Group.

Andrea Fiumicelli, CEO of Dedalus Group, commented: “This acquisition allows us to make significant strides in becoming a true global player. I am pleased to see the two companies sharing a common goal of catalysing the digital transformation of the global healthcare ecosystem. The healthcare industry is currently evolving significantly, and we look to tap into these changes and support the sector with our expertise and systems.”

Giorgio Moretti, Chairman of Dedalus Group, added: "The integration of DXC's healthcare software solutions activities into Dedalus Group will accelerate our support and impact on more than 3 million healthcare professionals who operate thanks to our technologies”.

About Dedalus

Founded in 1990 in Florence, Dedalus, with over 2,000 employees, of which 1,200 in Italy, 550 in France and teams in 25 countries, is an international industrial group in the healthcare software industry specialized in the segment of diagnostic and clinical management solutions (HCIS), GPs and Primary care management, Interoperability and Population health management.

Today, Dedalus exploits the full functional coverage of all ICT needs of any healthcare system, not limited to hospital systems, both public and private. In the last three years, Dedalus has totally renewed its offering, by addressing the state of art of paradigm in terms of technology and functionalities to anticipate the evolution of the clinical practice at the base of the change management of different healthcare system that in many countries are rethinking their organizations.

With more than €130 million of revenues in Italy, more than €60 million in France and globally more than €210 million. Dedalus is one of the leading global players in the sector and holds a leading position in Europe.